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July 10-16, 2022 our middle and high school students will be headed to the Knoxville TN for a trip to serve with Next Step Ministries. This is going to be a week of fun and good time with friends, big exciting times of worship with other young people, great teaching and breakout sessions to grow closer to God all while serving those in need in the Knoxville community alongside local ministry partners. It's going to be an amazing time and I know you will be blessed by this trip. 

The trip will cost $350 and fundraising options will be available to help students offset the costs of the trip. As always, money is not going to keep a student from joining us on the trip, so reach out to Pastor Joe about scholarship options as well. 

Step 1 of registration is filling out the form above and turning in your $50 deposit to lock in your space. Once your deposit is received, Step 2 is that you'll be sent a link to register with Next Step Ministries. This just helps you not have to fill out the same form multiple times and streamline our registration process.

Info about the Trip:

Where are we going? Hope Fellowship in Knoxville, TN

How will we get there? We're renting 15 passenger vans and our youth leaders will be driving us down.

What will we do there? We're going to work with local mission partners and churches to serve those in need who they have long standing relationships with (really cool model for service). We're also going to have time to connect with one another, to have times of worship and teaching to learn about God, and a free day on Friday in Knoxville with some planned funtivities!

What kind of projects? Some projects will be more hands on construction based, some will be more relationship driven (working with church's camp projects or food services for the needy)

Who's leading this thing? Members of our youth team, our associate pastor, and other leaders from our congregation will be with the students at all times.

What if I can't fundraise enough? Scholarships are always available and we've worked to keep the cost of the trip down through the generosity of many who have come before us at Graystone and prioritized youth going on mission.

Isn't that kind of far away? Yup! And getting out of our comfort zone is one of the reasons we take a trip like this. In traveling to a new setting, we have a chance to serve people who are like us, but also not like us and to be pushed in ways that God can use to speak to us in ways that are hard to hear in our own hometowns. So it's far, but it's not too bad. :)

Is this trip safe? We will have adult youth leaders with our students at all times and we'll be working in settings that are known by our host organization and approved for young people to serving in as well. No student will be allowed to use tools outside their training level (Next Step has very serious rules about who can use what) and we'll be in close proximity to emergency care if something were to come up.