When Jesus first entered Jerusalem on a donkey, at the beginning of a very difficult week, the people were occupied by a foreign army and there was despair among the people of God. Over history in times of darkness, during a plague or war, the people of God have been unable to celebrate holy week with the same public celebration they usually did. Still today, in many places around the world where followers of Jesus are persecuted for their faith, holy week is marked with sacred gatherings in private. Perhaps this year, we enter into holy week with a deeper understanding of what exactly this week felt like for the first followers of Jesus and what many of our brothers and sisters around the world experience in celebrating the events of Jesus triumphal entry, His suffering, His death, and His resurrection.

Palm Sunday

This year, Palm Sunday will still be a meaningful worship service, but as we gather to worship online, the celebration of palms and the cry “God save us!” take on a different tone as we too cry out to God. And what do the dreams of the most powerful man in the ancient world have to do with the cries of the Jewish people clustered in Jerusalem at the Passover as Jesus came to town?

Good Friday

Good Friday is a solemn day of reflection on the cost to our Lord. This year we invite you to take part, alongside our other brothers and sisters in the EPC, in a day of prayer and fasting. 

Over the course of that day, we will also be having a digital Journey to the Cross on the church Instagram and Facebook page that will post scripture, imagery, and prayer over the course of the day every hour starting at 8:00 am.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday this year is the culmination of the growing darkness of Holy Week. Imagine the feeling of a huddled group of disciples crouched in a crowded house filled with fear. And what does a fiery furnace in the time of Daniel have to do with the promise of an empty tomb at the time of Jesus?  Could your family and friends benefit from a reminder of that hope this Easter as we huddle crowded in our homes with a sense of fear hanging over our heads? This is a great opportunity to share that hope you have within with the people you care for and those around you. Join us online Easter Sunday!

Easter Jam 2020

This Easter, we want to help families (and really anyone who likes fun) to have something to make this day extra special. So we have Easter Jam, an online experience with games, the Easter story, discussion questions, and music. This is designed for anyone to enjoy, but bringing your family together for this will be extra special. Check out the Easter Jam 2020 page to access this content (already available!) and to prepare to interact with this together.