Deacons are elected officers of the Church who are passionate about carrying out Jesus' mission by serving the needs of congregational members as well as the community.

Deacons meet monthly and/or as needed to determine congregational and community needs. They work to ensure shut-ins or hospitalized are visited regularly, offer grief counseling materials to those who lose loved ones, support the pastors in serving home Communion to our shut-ins, are models of integrity and commitment in their own worship attendance, and provide many other similar acts of compassion and caring.

Our current deacons:

Class of 2018: Cappie Bell, Cheryl Caroff, Kate Farren, Betty Horn, Pat Moorehead, Tracey Redd, Connie Sedgwick, Colleen Super.

Class of 2019: Judy Cunningham, Scott Greenawalt, Frank Holuta, Beth Hurley, Marilyn Jackson, Vanessa Milleman, Steve Shepler.

Class of 2020: Teresa Arblaster, Margie Bucci, Marian Fiscus, Dee Hill, Brock McGinnis, Cindy Turnbull, Denise Watson, Tim Weaver.