Gather for worship

Traditional: 8:30 a.m.     

Contemporary: 11:00 a.m.

In life, everything we do should glorify God. On Sunday, everything in the service is part of that worship. Singing, praying, hearing the Bible preached, even offering...it is all centered on glorifying God for His goodness and love. 


First time?

Here's some things to consider:

  • Find a church that emphasizes the Gospel in everything. 
  • Attend 2-3 times. (Not every service is the same)
  • Look for opportunities to use your gifts and talents
  • Look for substance and depth - Are you going to grow deeper or be comfortable? 
  • Ask to meet with a pastor. It might be a little intimidating, but it's the best way to get your questions answered and get a FREE cup of coffee! 

What We Believe

Meet Our Staff

  • Rick Hurley

    Senior Pastor

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  • Ryan Mowen

    Associate Pastor

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  • Joe Stroup

    Assistant Pastor - Next Generation Ministries

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  • Shari Costello

    Executive Ministry Administrator

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  • Linda Ference

    CCO Director of Campus Ministry

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  • Kenny Campbell

    CCO Associate Director of Campus Ministry

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  • Andrew Mack

    Youth Ministry Intern

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  • Connie Bothell

    Office Manager

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  • Brandi Bertolino


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  • Howard Lambing

    Facilities Manager

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  • Dorinda Hutchison


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