Our commitment to Families

How will your children learn about Jesus? Many parents hope that their kids will believe in Jesus, but few can actually answer this question. We are  passionate about welcoming and connecting families to vibrant relationships with Jesus Christ. As part of this commitment, we are prayerfully evaluating and refocusing our children and youth ministries. We realize there are a lot of things we can do better, and ask you to join our commitment, even in the midst of the dust of "construction." We want to be a church that gives help, hope, and a home to families in our community. 

  • We want to help families grow stronger and support one another through gospel-centered love. 

  • We want to give hope by walking with you through the difficult seasons of life, providing for needs and helping to bring healing to broken situations that only the Gospel can bring. 

  • We want to be a home where your family will grow closer together as your grow closer with your God. Faith is personal, but it affects every relationship.

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It's just a phase...So don't miss it!

There are roughly 936 weeks from a child's birth to their high school graduation and time goes so quickly. So how do make the biggest impact on our kids with the time that we have. They have particular needs and challenges throughout the phases of life that can help us to speak to what they are actually going through and make the biggest impact. 

Over four weeks, we explored the different phases of the life of a child as they grow and the unique challenges that they encounter in each of those phases. 

So what are you going to do with that time? How will you leverage what you have been given to make a difference?

If you have kids, love kids, or have any vested interest in the next generation: check out this teaching series (VIDEO COMING SOON) as we explore how to better answer the questions our kids are really asking.

  • Sunday, April 30th, 9:45 am in the Gathering Place

    This week, we tackled the wondrous and terrifying adventure of birth to preschool and how we can help them answer the questions of: Am I Safe? Am I Able? and Am I Okay?

  • Sunday, May 7th, 9:45 am in the Gathering Place

    This week, we tackled the adventurous time of the elementary school years and how we can help kids in this phase to answer the questions: Do I Have Your Attention? Do I Have What It Takes? and Do I Have Friends?

  • Sunday, May 14th, 9:45 am in the Gathering Place

    This week, we tackled the delightful and awkward time of life that is middle school and how we can help these growing pre-adolescents to answer the questions: Who Do I Like (and Who Likes Me)? and Who Am I?

  • Sunday, May 21st, 9:45 am in the Gathering Place

    In our final week of this class, we tackled the high school years and how we can help young adults answer these questions: Where Do I Belong? Why Should I Believe? How Can I Matter? and What Will I Do?