What is it?

Graystone's Growth Path is a 3-week course aimed to guide every person at Graystone into a deeper, more vibrant relationship with God. God gives clear instruction in Scripture that every person should be doing 3 basic things in our lifelong journey of following Jesus: 


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Get Started

Our 4-week launch for the Growth Path will be 3/19 - 4/2

Each session is held at 9:45am in the Gathering Place.

  • GATHER - 1st Sundays

    Gather encompasses everything that happens at Graystone on Sunday. It's the catalyst that leads to spiritual growth for us regardless of where we are in our journey. If you're new to faith, you'll hear the message of Jesus in terms you can understand and relate to. If you're a believer, you'll grow spiritually by encouragements to express worship to God and by challenges to rethink ways the Gospel touches everyday life. It's a simple yet powerful focus, and it changes lives. 

  • CONNECT - 2nd Sundays

    Connect is all about building intentionally finding relationships. God has created us for connection. Scripture is clear that relationship with God and with other believers is a catalyst for spiritual growth. 

  • SERVE - 3rd Sundays

    Serving is about discovering the unique ways God has gifted us and offering them fully to God through serving. This is a key component to authentically following Jesus. What makes a church great is a whole lot of people like you serving with your unique gifts in some area of service, both in and outside the walls of the church.