Joining our family

A church is a family that does life together. Through good and bad, we try to be there for each other. Our main mission as a church family is to welcome people and help one another follow Jesus. 

At Graystone, we believe that the ways we grow as  followers of Jesus is to:

  • GATHER for regular worship together.
  • CONNECT in community through groups.
  • SERVE with our time and talents.

We refer to these steps as our Growth Path. Every person has a next step in Following Jesus. No matter where we are in our faith journey, we can all identify a next step to grow as we follow Jesus. 

We have created a 3 session course that will guide you through each of the Growth Path steps. You can expect to learn why each step is a critical part of following Jesus and how you can deepen your faith by taking your next step. 

This is a three-week course designed to help all Graystoners find their next steps in "Following Jesus". The Growth Path is a requirement for any person wishing to become a new member. 

If you would like information about getting plugged in at Graystone Presbyterian Church or questions about our Growth Path, please send us an  .